Levenslange gevangenisstraf voor Nederlands-Turkse journaliste


fusunDe Nederlands-Turkse journaliste Füsun Erdogan is in Turkije veroordeeld tot een levenslange gevangenisstraf wegens ‘het leiden van de MLKP’, een linkse organisatie die Turkije als terroristisch aanmerkt. Acht anderen in deze zaak kregen dezelfde straf. Dat melden verschillende Turkse nieuwssites dinsdagochtend schrijft het Algemeen Dagblad.

De journaliste gaat in beroep tegen het vonnis en wil indien nodig doorprocederen tot aan het Europees Hof voor de Rechten van de Mens. Lees verder bij het Algemeen Dagblad.


  1. Beste mensen, onderstaande is een goeie,

    Als het gaat om een MLKP leider, moet je niet “Een NL journaliste” schrijven.
    Journalistiek is altijd zo misleidend.
    Ze is niet veroordeeld om journalistiek, maar om een belangrijke actieve rol in een terroristisch bestempelde organisatie genaamd MLKP.

    Als NL, Timmermans, zich er mee wil bemoeien, moet hij zich eerst eens in de feiten verdiepen. NL maakt zich keer op keer belachelijk. Het lijkt wel of wij wereldwijd terroristen en activisten leveren en supporten (voorbeeld Onze Tanja).

    Als mevrouw Füsun Erdogan onschuldig is aan het geen waarvoor ze nu is veroordeeld hoor je je aan de juridische procedures te houden en geen onderbuikgevoelens op te wekken via media.

    • Hallo waar om woon je dan in nederland BLAASKAAK en als het rechtsysteem hier zo goed is waarom word dan een Duitse jongen toch nog op proeftijd veroordeeld terwijl er helemaal niks gedaan heb zelfs een turkische arts zeg dat of geloven ze hier niet eens Meer de eigene burgers Meer wel raar he of is het omdat Die Turkye nog slechter er voor Staat in de wereld als het nu al het geval is

  2. January 17, 2013
    Hello, My name is Fusun Erdogan and I am writing this letter from Gebze (nearby Istanbul) Women’s Prison in Turkey. I am married and have a son. I carry both Turkish and Dutch citizenships. I am a journalist and I had always worked as a journalist in Istanbul from my return to Turkey in 1989 to my arrest in 2006.
    Now, I am in my 7th year of imprisonment. My case is not over, yet. At each hearing the public prosecutor uses the same general cliché like “based on type of crime and the state of evidence” and requests for continuous custody until the next hearing which usually means three months later. None of these so called “evidence” is proven to be linked to me.
    These clichés are accepted by the court and this charade turns into an execution without a fare trial since 2006. And now I felt the urge to bring this injustice to the attention of a broader community. Therefore, I would like to inform individuals and/or organizations about my situation, and look for your solidarity and support.
    I am the founder and director of Özgür Radio which started broadcasting regionally, around Istanbul and surrounding, in 1995. I resumed this same role until I was arrested.
    On a broad daylight in the middle of a crowded street in Izmir, I was forcefully taken into a civilian car and detained by undercover policemen on September 8, 2006. From the moment I was pushed into that vehicle, I lost sense of time and place because I was sandwiched between the front and rear seats, and my eyes were covered. I did not know where they were taking me. We traveled for many hours under these conditions.
    After many hours, they brought me to a house and I was taken to the second floor. I was asked to lie down the same way next to other people who were on the floor face down. When refused, they forcefully pushed me down.
    During the process, I had wounds on my knees and elbows that were included in the forensic report. After videotaping us, they took me to a car. I did not know exactly what time it was but must have been late because it was dark and the street and home lights were on.
    I finally understood where I was once I saw the sign of police station; I was in Nazilli (. I spent the night there on a wooden bank handcuffed by one arm. Very early in the morning I was put into an unofficial vehicle to be taken to Istanbul.
    After four days of detention by the police, I was taken to the court on Sept. 12, 2006. I told the prosecutor that I would not give any testimony as I did not know the reason(s) for my detention.
    My lawyer also could not defend me for the same reason. On that day, I was arrested.
    Because of “classified” clause on my file, no information was shared by the court until the summer of 2007. Neither my lawyer nor I could obtain any information about accusations.
    In the summer of 2007 the indictment was made available and the first hearing took place on
    October 26, 2007. However, police reports were incomplete; as a result, I was not able to defend myself until the third hearing in 2008. So, this meant I was kept in prison for exactly two years without knowing why I was arrested. I wish my victimization would have ended there.
    Unfortunately, since 2008, the system continued to keep me in prison based on a computer output prepared by the police as main evidence.
    All the managers of private radio stations are required by RTUK (English: Radio and Television Supreme Council) to provide a copy of information to the Bureau of Press Directorate of police headquarters.
    Type of information includes our up-to-date home and work addresses/phone numbers. Istanbul Police department already knew where I lived and worked. Police had no reason to kidnap me in the middle of the street in Izmir while I was on a work related trip.
    The only reason I could think was to link me to an operation police was conducting at the time. An operation against an illegal organization!
    My journalist husband and his assistant were also taken into the police custody as part of this operation. In reality, there was only one real reason for our arrest: police was trying to intimidate members of the progressive, independent, democratic and alternative media.
    In few words, any opposition (radios and newspapers) to the existing system should be silenced. As many of you know I am not alone and there are many journalists in prisons today.
    So, what is my crime? I am accused of being a leader of an illegal organization and the prosecutor is asking for life imprisonment without parole.
    For a harsh penalty like this, one would expect a very strong evidence and case against the person.
    I have studied every single folder (about 40 dossiers and thousands of pages). However, I did not find any single concrete evidence against me. In the entire 300 page indictment there wasn’t any tangible evidence against me either. The only information in the indictment was related to my registry query.
    Yes, I was the founder and director of Özgür Radio. All my activities took place before everyone’s eyes in public. Why didn’t police search my home and work place right away if I were the member of Central Committee of an illegal organization?
    They made the search two weeks after my arrest, on Sept. 21st. There is no evidence in the dossiers linked to this search either.
    Now, what is in these dossiers used as evidence against me? There were two documents. The main one was a few pages (seven pages to be exact) of computer outputs presented by the police.
    Supposedly, my name and last name was included at the bottom of these pages. That’s all! Never mind the fact that there was no evidence showing that I prepared these pages, or no wet signature or fingerprints found to be belonging to me.
    Police insists that they found these pages at the house in the village of Ocaklar, Nazilli and they were outputs of these computers owned by the illegal organization.
    How was this so called “evidence” collected? Even from the testimony of policemen at the court, it became very clear that these pages were not collected according to the protocol required by the law.
    At the time of search, the highest official of the village, village headman, should have been present as a witness. However, the village headman came long after the search was complete and he was asked to sign a blanket document that indicated he has seen all the material. My share of these seven pages included information on legal demonstrations and assessments of these events that took place in different cities of Turkey in 2005.
    In addition to these pages, there was another document which was made of numbers and again my name at the bottom. Total of seven lines! This document was used to charge me as the chief financial officer, which was made public on Nov. 1st, 2007.
    As a result, bank accounts and/or assets belonging to me, my husband and close relatives were investigated. Even in February 2009 Anti-Terror Unit of Istanbul Police conducted an operation and arrested many people including accountant, office secretary, cleaning personnel and co- founder of Özgür Radio as well as nephew of my husband, accountant of the newspaper where my husband worked and some other people I did not even know.
    All these accused were acquitted when taken to the court. At the moment, the case is before the High Court of Appeal.
    The prosecutor finds these two documents sufficient enough to declare me as a leader of an illegal organization and charges me with life without parole.
    The following additional information about my past was also included in the file: I was detained and arrested in 1996, and released after the first hearing. The charges of aiding and abetting were dropped. One other time I was also detained after taking part in a press release on the massacre of prisoners at Ankara Ulucanlar Prison.
    And here is the official version of the charges on page 226 of the indictment:
    “… attempted to change the constitutional order by force; being an administrator and also the member of central committee; being responsible for the finances and legal activities of the illegal organization; therefore, being responsible as if a principle offender for all the crimes committed by the organization and its other members according to the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) 220/5 in connection with TCK 314/3..”
    Yes, this is it! Nothing less, nothing more! I have been in prison for the last 6.5 years. Is this justice?
    So, neither police nor the prosecutor can provide any concrete evidence for my involvement of any illegal activity. Based on a document prepared by the police, I am first declared as the administrator of an organization and kept accountable for the forceful activities of it.
    I have tried to summarize the violent treatment I was exposed to and all the accusations brought
    against me by the prosecutor. On top of all these legal issues, I have been facing some health problems since my arrest: high blood pressure, hepatitis B, cysts in both breasts and increased myopia (from -2.5 to -5.0).
    As if these were not enough, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and operated on November 13, 2012. I am on medication now. I don’t even want to mention different types of joint problems I face due to being on concrete surface all the time.
    For all the abovementioned reasons my detention no longer can be considered as a safety measure by the prosecution but it has become an EXECUTION! This injustice against me has to be made public and has to be reversed.
    All my rights have to be reconstituted. For this, I invite you individuals and/or organizations to show solidarity with me and be my voice out there, wherever you are in the world.
    I would like to thank you all for your interest, empathy, and future support. My next hearing is on March 12, 2013 at 10th Heavy Penal Court in Caglayan, Istanbul. I hope to see some of you there. Best regards and greetings to you all, Füsun ERDOGAN

    • doe geen moeite,

      Je moeder had de consequenties moeten weten voor ophitsende anti turkse uitlatingen. Met de gedachte van ” mij kunnen ze niks maken, want ik ben ook nederlands en journalist” heeft niks uitgemaakt. Leiding geven aan een extreem linkse partij is niet niks. Nu mag je in de gevangenis leiding geven aan je vrienden mevr. Erdogan.

        • Even een kleine correctie. Niet Turkije wordt negatief beoordeeld maar de minkukels zoals Alper etc. Worden voorzien van kritiek vanwege hun fascistoïde uitlatingen op deze
          Nederland-Turkse site richting andersdenkenden lees democraten. Duidelijk wordt er door hen (alper etc.)een antihouding getracht te genereren bij de NLers en om dan vervolgens te mogen klagen dat er zoveel nare vijanden zijn, Nou mag ik misschien de wens uitspreken dat alles wat deze Alper een ander toewenst geretourneerd wordt in veelvoud! Succes krijg je wel op deze wijze edoch niet positief voor Alper.
          Verder schreef hij elders op deze site dat hij zou stoppen met deze waanzin. Mogelijk is hij een patient met meervoudige persoonlijkheden en medicijnen vergeten in te nemen en daarom nog steeds vreemde uitspraken doen? Tsja, je zoekt toch naar een oorzaak bij zoiets!
          Meelij met zijn familie. Ik weet een lijst met “blijf van mijn lijf huizen ” indien gewenst.

          Nu heb ik mij bijna op het niveau begeven van deze minkukels en ben nu echt aan een bak koffie toe. OMG 🙂

          • dus als iemand kritisch is dan is hij gelijk fascistisch. Jij mag de moslims vernederen die 90% van de bevolking van Turkije uitmaken en de mensen die tot die bevolking behoren mogen geen kritiek hebben. Wie is hier fascistisch bezig!!! Hier blijkt weer dat je het niveau hebt van de PVV aanhangers.Ik heb medelijden met je.

          • ach Alper jouw zg moslim zijn en jouw wijsvinger met pvv kan men niet serieus nemen. Het politieke standpunt die jij inneemt maakt dat je zoveel weerwoord krijgt. De goede moslim zal nooit, maar dan ook nooit, zo’n mensvriendelijke houding aannemen zoals jij hier laat zien. Het goed vinden dat mensen om hun mening levenslang achter tralies moeten zitten – het niet erg vinden dat ouders hun kind moeten begraven vanwege geweld door overheid, vrouwen verwijzen naar het aanrecht, het zich toe-eigenen van het alleenrecht moslim te zijn. “De Moslim” die ik ken is niet de agressieve die jij hier laat zien. De Moslim die ik ken is verdraagzaam en is wars van jouw onnozel gebazel, De Moslim die ik ken schaamt zich voor jou vanwege je disrespect voor de andere moslim. Ga mij nou niet vertellen dat ik de moslims aanval want jij bent degene die de broeders en zusters in diskrediet brengt.

      • Hallo en waar aan geef je dan leiding als ik vragen mag BLAASKAAK die de klepel heb horen luiden Maar weet niet waar de klok hangt HAHAHA

  3. Er is geen justitie in Turkije. Mensen worden opgepakt en veroordeeld zonder eerlijk proces. Ik heb medelijden met mensen zoals Alper! Echt heel zielig! Aktas Erdogan,bedankt voor je ingrijpende verhaal.

    • Eigenlijk moeten wij medelijden met jou hebben. Turkije zal in jou ogen nooit goed doen. Daarom worden je reacties ook nooit serieus genomen worden.

  4. Ik verwacht ook niks van jullie. Schrijf wat ik vind! Dat is mijn (aan) recht Alper efendi! Turkije doet een hele hoop goed maar dat wil niet zeggen dat ik de regering moet prijzen!


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